The Association de la Montée Historique de Laon was created in 1991 on the basis of the observation that old and/or prestigious cars would be a very good vector of attractiveness for our city of Laon and its region.

From 30 classic cars in 1991 to 1000 cars in 2016 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CIRCUIT HISTORIQUE DE LAON, the association has proved over the years that development is possible.

As proof, the number of participants varies between 750 and 850 cars each year. The enthusiasm for our event goes beyond the borders since half of the crews come from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal…, the other half being in majority from the North of France, Paris but also from the Var…

In order to make a success of these bets each year, we need a team of passionate volunteers who combine rigour, professionalism and shared pleasure. Hence our famous PEPS (Passion, Envy, Sharing, Smile)

But the association of the Montée Historique de Laon, with its 150 members, organizes all year long very beautiful events:

  • The Historic Circuit of Laon
  • The Picardie Cathédrales Classic Tour
  • The Laon Vintage Rally (pre-1945 cars)
  • The 100% Women’s Rallye des Merlettes
  • The Association’s Rally

    And participates or exhibits at events such as: Le Mans Classic, Chantilly Art & Elegance, Rétromobile, Salon Champenois in Reims, Monte-Carlo Historique, see Goodwood…

    Of course, we also provide all our partners, whether institutional or private, with a very good visibility and a good reason to trust us. They prove it to us every year.

    Thank you to all those who, from near or far, give us this support.

    Jean-Louis CHÊNE

    President of the Association de la Montée Historique de Laon


    Following the General Assembly of the Association de la Montée Historique de Laon on 29 April 2022, the Board of Directors is composed of 12 members::

    • Jean-Louis CHÊNE
    • Thierry DUPONT
    • Jean-Pierre DURET
    • Stéphane EVRARD
    • Catherine FRAYON
    • Michel HAVEL
    • Didier JACQUET
    • Hermann MAUVAIS
    • Bernard POLO
    • Philippe VENET

    The members of the Steering Committee were elected at the first meeting of the Board of Directors on 5 May 2022:                                                                                                                                                                                   President: Jean-Louis CHÊNE

    1st Vice President: Philippe VENET

    2nd Vice President: Michel HAVEL

    Treasurer : Yves SCUDELLER

    Assistant Treasurer and Human Resources: Jean-Pierre DURET

    Secretary : Danièle VERPLANCKE-JURION

    Assistant Secretary: Catherine FRAYON


    Ville de Laon

    The Tourist Office of the City of Laon is a partner of the first hour...

    Conseil départemental de l’Aisne

    The Aisne Departmental Council
    has always been a partner...

    Région Hauts-de-France

    The Hauts-de-France region is a close partner...


    Scenic and Continental
    Cars Tours


    French Federation of classic vehicles






    You want to become a member of our association, you are welcome.

    You want to participate in the organization of our events.

    Please contact us


    Association de la
    Montée Historique de Laon

    9 rue du Bourg - BP 513

    02000 LAON - FRANCE


    Tel : 00 33 3 23 79 83 58

    Email : circuit-historique-laon@orange.fr