Sunday 20 September 2020

Rallyof the Association de la Montée Historique de Laon 

        « The Ardennes adventure through the abbeys of our region. »

Last Sunday at the Laon Flying Club, one could read through the masks on the faces of the participants, the joy of meeting again for the 7th Rallye des Merlettes.
The crews took off on the theme of aviation.

The lunch break took place in Parfondeval where we were particularly well received, before taking to the road again for an excursion in the Ardennes department and a finale at the Levindrey Stadium in Laon.


Podium of the Association Rally :

– 1st : GOVIN Sébastien – GOVIN Marina sur CITROEN 2CV

– 2nd : LELIEVRE José – LELIEVRE RENEE sur CHEVROLET Pick-up SSR Cabriolet

– 3rd : MAUVAIS Dominique – MAUVAIS Herman sur FORD Mustang 2007