Saterday 1st April 2023


Track day

The thirty four cars gathered for breakfast at the La Fabrik restaurant in Laon, before setting off for the Bosch circuit in Juvincourt-et-Damary.
They were welcomed on the circuit in the pouring rain, but this did not affect the motivation of the participants. Every fifteen minutes, twelve cars entered the track to try out driving on wet roads.

At the end of the morning, the crews crossed the Aisne department to go to the Écuyers circuit in Beuvardes. After the lunch break, it was time to get to know this technical circuit. The afternoon was spent in a good atmosphere, with everyone enjoying the circuit as much as they wanted.

The day ended not on a car circuit, but around the tracks of the Slot Racing Club of Folembray (“Slot Racing” is an English term used by all the amateurs of the circuit 24 or electric road circuit to indicate the races of miniature cars on electric circuit). What a joy to find the circuit 24 of our childhood on a much larger scale with its 8 tracks and a length of more than 40 meters.

After the dinner various prizes were awarded:

Circuit Bosch :
Prix du pilotage super sport : RAMBURE Denis et MAYEUL Richard sur Porsche 911
Prix de la combativité : DEQUATTRE Rodolphe et DEQUATTRE Baptiste sur Peugeot 504 coupé
Prix GAZOO Racing : PINIER Richard et PINIER Anaëlle sur Toyota Supra

Circuit des Écuyers :
Prix de la suralimentation : BLEUX Didier et BLEUX Françoise sur Fiat coupé
Prix poids/puissance : BONNEFON Olivier sur Caterham
Prix Circuit Historique 2023 : THILLOY Robert et FORTIN Bernadette sur Alpine A110

Prix de l’originalité :
LELIÉVRE José et LELIÉVRE Renée sur Chevrolet SSR super sport rider

Prix du meilleur temps sur le Slot Racing :