Weekend 20’s Saint-Quentin

Samedi 14th October 2018

Tourist tour between Laon and Saint-Quentin to go back to the splendour of the 1920s.

At Saint-Quentin, during the weekend on the theme of the 1920s, our cars and our members particularly distinguished themselves at the concours d’élégance.

Three superb cars, three high level presentations, three first places, three members of the Association de la Montée Historique de Laon on the podium!

Isn’t life great and what’s more it was spring!
A totally independent jury of high standing, dressed in 1920s style with a lot of class.

1st Bentley Coupé Sedan 3,5 L all aluminium of 1935 (only car on the French territory). Owner Mme Lecoeur with a “Roaring Twenties” staging.

2nd Bugatti 35 B de Course 8 cylinders 2300 cc compressor all aluminium of 1927, 150 CV, 750kg. Owner Mr JF Lecoeur with mechanic and racing driver staging.

3rd Peugeot 302 from 1937. Owner Mr Michel Havel accompanied by Mr Bernard Polo with the staging of two grocers of the period, very funny in the approach which attracted all the attention of the Jury.

In short, another good moment of sharing in a different form. To remember!

Thank you for the participants who followed us in this discovery on the Champs Elysées of Saint-Quentin

Best regards,

Jean-Louis CHÊNE